Know and Grow Oklahoma:

Building Resilient Children,
Families and Communities

In April 2024, the Potts Family Foundation launched Know and Grow Oklahoma, a statewide initiative to address recovery issues for the youngest of Oklahomans, specifically those born immediately before and during the pandemic, from 2019 to May 2023.

Research shows thousands of these children could be experiencing developmental delays as a result of the very unique, often isolated period of time they were born into.

Know and Grow is a three-pronged project that includes the formation of an Early Relational Health Corps (ERHC), funding Family Resource Centers (FRC) and a Community Discovery project that came first and laid the foundation for the rest of the work.

Recently, a total of $4.5 million was awarded to 8 rural communities representing 22 counties home to about 30,000 children under the age of 5. Potts Family Foundation is pleased to partner with OSDH to expand the Oklahoma Family Support Network beyond the metro areas to rural Oklahoma.

Visit the Know and Grow website to learn more.