NEAR Science – Beyond ACEs 

In March of 2021, with help of a grant award from Blue Cross Blue Shield Oklahoma’s Healthy Kids, Healthy Families®, a cohort of professionals from across the state were prepared in a three-day training by Laura Porter and Dr. Rob Anda of ACE Interface to deliver a powerful curriculum called NEAR Science – Beyond ACEs.

This science-informed, evidence-based curriculum walks people through:

  • How toxic stress and trauma affect the brain (Neurobiology)
  • How the impact of early adversity and trauma can be transmitted from one generation to the next (Epigenetics)
  • More in-depth information about the findings from the original study (Adverse Childhood Experiences)
  • How to build strength and capacity in individuals and communities (Resilience)

This training can be customized to the audience and timeframe (between one to four hours depending on desired outcomes) and is offered free of charge. Our group of Community Resilience Trainers are able to deliver the training either virtually or in-person and it can be combined with the Resilience documentary screening.  To learn more or schedule training, please email Linda Manaugh.

NEAR Slide