Our Grant Process

Welcome to the Potts Family Foundation Grants page

The foundation has two forms of grant gifting: Through our grants committee process and through discretionary grant dollars issued to each member of our board of directors. This page is focused on the former.

Notice: Invites for the 2023 grant cycle were emailed August 1. We are not extending anymore invites at this time. Thank you.

Our recently published A Decade of Giving Report (2009 – 2018) reveals that over the past ten years, the foundation has disbursed over $2.5 million. You can find a copy of that report by clicking HERE.

The foundation’s Grants Committee is comprised of board members and community leaders that are charged with reviewing proposals from nonprofits and determining how much to allocate based upon how well the applicant’s proposal supports the foundation’s OK25by25 mission. Click HERE to review the OK25by25 mission and initiative. The foundation’s board of directors approves a set amount for each calendar year budget. This year’s (2023) amount is $120,000.

2023 Grants will support building the OK25by25 Initiative and focus on:

  1. Evidence-Based 2 Generation Family Support Programs
  2. Access to High-Quality Child Care
  3. Access to Affordable, Preventive Physical (including brain) Health Care
  4. Evidence-based Literacy, Numeracy & Social/Emotional Development Programs

All focus areas are for children ages pre-birth to 5 and their families.

Annual Grant Cycle

The Potts Family Foundation’s annual grant cycle typically begins shortly after the first of the calendar year. The process is driven by the Grants Committee of the Board of Directors and supported by staff.

The maximum grant to any one organization annually is $15,000.

Step 1
Invitation to Submit LOI
Each year, previous grantees and select new organizations are invited to submit an LOI. This will provide a summary of the project, the outcomes and how the requested funds will support the effort.
Step 2
Invitation to Submit a Full Proposal
Following LOI review by our staff, 15-20 organizations will be invited to submit full proposals.
Step 3
Grant Scoring and Awards
Our Grants Committee members review and score each full proposal individually and then compare and discuss as a group. Decisions will be made then sent to the full Board for approval.
Step 4
All organizations that submit full proposals will be notified as soon as possible after the Board meeting as to whether or not they will receive a grant. Awards may be made for less than the requested amount.

List of 2022 Grant Recipients

Care Center

Year Awarded: 2022

Awarded: $10000

Center for Children and Families

Year Awarded: 2022

Awarded: $10000

Child Abuse Network, Inc.

Year Awarded: 2022

Awarded: $10000

Community Action Project of Tulsa County Inc.

Year Awarded: 2022

Awarded: $5000

Great Plains Youth & Family Services

Year Awarded: 2022

Awarded: $7500

Latino Community Development Agency

Year Awarded: 2022

Awarded: $12000