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Potts Family Foundation’s 2016 Grant Policy has changed from that of previous years. A refocus of our strategic plan indicates the need to scale back on our grant allocations. We are pursuing a program emphasis that seeks raising the rankings of children’s well-being from among the bottom 25% of states to among the top 25 states. This will involve work with more than 25 state and local organizations, 25 member early childhood legislative caucus, focusing on 25 communities and our 65+ Oklahoma Champions for Early Opportunity, (OKCEO’s).

Consequently, Potts Family Foundation will restrict its grant funding in 2016 to organizations funded in 2015 whose programs address our four focus areas. We believe this new focus will allow us to become a stronger catalyst, convener, and champion for early childhood. Our areas of focus for children ages zero to five years old are:

1. Home Based Parent Education & Support
2. Accessible High Quality Child Care
3. Preventative Health Care in Early Childhood
4. Literacy/Numeracy & Social/Emotional Development

Our hope is to retain and build upon Oklahoma’s existing pioneering programs in child care quality and pre-K despite the current economic challenges our state faces.
We really appreciate the extraordinary work done by so many organizations we’ve funded in the past. In the future we hope we’re once again able to expand our funding outreach.