Community Resource Development Foundation (CRDF) 1981 – 2000

The Community Resource Development Foundation was created in 1981 as an operating foundation to provide financial support for the provision of management training and assistance for nonprofits matching their good intentions with tools to produce good results. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, CRDF joined the national Support Center network the same year and opened as the sixth Center in the network. Services included consulting, training and project management. A number of outstanding staff members worked with Pat Potts, who served as Executive Director for 20 years.

Reflecting the intent to involve the family in philanthropy, the original members of the CRDF board were: Steve, Mark, Larry, Paula, Pat and Ray Potts along with Jon Trudgeon. Susan and Kathy Potts, spouses of family members, were added later. Executive Directors included Geri Price, Leota McKamie Smith and Laurie Mason.

CRDF owned the building which was used by the Support Center as a Shared Service Center housing a maximum of 11 small organizations. A library, meeting room and receptionist services were provided along with use of office equipment. An arson fire in 1989 caused dislocation. Bank of America generously provided office space on one floor for all the organizations during the five month restoration.

Potts Family Foundation (PFF) 2000 – Present

In 2000, when Pat retired after 20 years as Executive Director of the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits, the Community Development Resource Foundation underwent reorganization and became Potts Family Foundation, a supporting nonprofit. This change granted the ability to expand the focus of giving to beneficiaries of Oklahoma community foundations. In addition to support of nonprofit management and governance help, the foundation added over the years:

  • Arts and public education
  • Early childhood care and development
  • Collaboration with other funders

Inherent in the work of PFF has been a focus on root causes and the desire:

  • To empower people and organizations
  • To impact future as well as present human needs
  • To leverage resources for greatest impact
  • To secure sustainability and potential replication

Following a second arson fire, Carol Troy, Pat’s successor, made the decision to move out of the building, thus concluding the Shared Services Center offering. The building was subsequently sold. However, the foundation continued to share office space with the Center for Nonprofits until the fall of 2005. At that time PFF moved into an independent office.

The Potts Family Foundation’s first Executive Director was Debbie South, who was followed by Terri Cummings. In 2005 by Nancy Junkin was named Executive Director with Margie E. Marney taking over the Executive Director position in 2007. For the past several years, the foundation has officed with Presbyterian Health Foundation in the Research Parkway. In 2015 the foundation became a private foundation adapting to changing regulations and evolving activities. As part of that transition, Pat Potts moved from Board Chair to the position of President/CEO. The position of Board Chair now rotates between community and family members. In 2017, Pat Potts retired and Craig Knutson was named President/CEO. The office moved into the current building on North Britton Road sharing space with Potts Exploration.

The Potts family has been blessed with outstanding partners over the past quarter of a century – both individuals and organizations. Approximately 15,000 organizations have received services and grants of over $6 million since PFF’s inception.

The family, staff and board of directors feel privileged to pass on the blessings they’ve experienced living and working in Oklahoma!